Powerful Android phone Cleaner

Super Phone Cleaner is an excellent application to clean up and free up your phone. It offers many facilities and functions to its users, such as a simple cleaning facility, speed boosting facility, junk file cleaning facility, Empty folder cleaning facility, and game boosting facility.


Super Phone Cleaner provides you with a fast cleaning facility and also a CPU Cooling facility to cool down your device whenever it gets heated. There are various kinds of features and facilities in this app that help its users to increase their device performances very easily and very quickly. Let’s talk about that stuff a bit further. Contain more effective features than clean master app.


Features of Super Phone Cleaner


Simple Interface: This application has a simple, user friendly interface that helps the users to work with this application very quickly. You can do any task within one tap. It is not so complicated to handle the application since it is effortless to use.


Speed Booster: You can boost your phone within a single tap. It helps to boost up your device by freeing memory. It frees memory by removing unwanted apps, files, and unwanted processes that run in the background. This is a fast function that boosts fast and makes the device perform faster. You can use this app to boost performance of TV Boxes. Make your own store on Filelinked and install apps you want on TV using Filelinked app.


Junk File Cleaner: This Junk file cleaning facility helps to optimize your phone by detecting and clearing junk files, cache files, obsolete files, residual files, duplicate photos and videos, and all the other unnecessary stuff.


Empty folder cleaning facility: This function helps to scan hidden folders and delete the unnecessary ones that waste the storage space. It deletes empty folders that waste storage from the internal storage, SD Card or memory card.


CPU Cooler: This is a way more useful function to the users who has devices that get heated every time. Commonly the device gets heated when multiple processes run in the background. The CPU Cooler detects the unwanted processes which are running in the background and removes them. You can cool your device within one tap using this function, CPU Cooler.


Game Booster: with the use of this game booster function, you can choose any game and play. It does not get heated when you are playing the game. When the phone speeds up, you have the facility to boost your games.



Super Phone Cleaner is a popular app that has many device optimizing facilities. This helps you to boost up your device and increase the performance in your device. You can use Aptoide, play store or AC Market to download this app. After downloading and installing this Super Phone Cleaner application, you have one more task to fulfill, which permits access. You have to permit access to your storage in order to read, modify or delete the contents of the SD Card. Super Phone Cleaner is a beneficial app to use. So why don’t you give it a try?

Super Phone Cleaner for PC

Now you can run Super phone cleaner for PC for free with Nox player android emulator. You can download Nox player emulator from the official website for free. Nox player is an android emulator that runs latest version of android. After download and install nox player for windows or Mac PC, you can run Super phone cleaner on your PC through Nox player emulator.