7 Ways to Make a Cafe Coffee / Coffee Shop Business to Be Successful

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1. Ideas and Concepts

Ideas and concepts are two things that we must always pay attention to when starting a business because without ideas there will be no picture. then without a concept, there will be no such thing as a planning riterature etc. Start with your plan, don’t just play hit without having a mature plan.

After making a plan, the next thing you have to do is your coffee selling idea and concept. What menus will you make, how the taste of each menu is and what patterns or art will you add to a cup of coffee.

Nowadays we can see many people who mix art in a cup of coffee for those who are not coffee connoisseurs, they have accidentally been hypnotized by the appearance of the coffee and finally join the order.

How can I make art in a cup of coffee? Yes, that is a good question. Before starting a coffee business, of course you also have to learn more expert dai here. You have to take courses and learn in detail about good coffee management and management.

2. Make Unique and Cool Interior and Exterior Designs

Furthermore, the most important thing that you should really pay attention to is the design concept of your room. Find the best possible idea in order to implement the design in the room that you will make into a coffee shop later.

Try looking for a minimalist concept either in magazines, the internet or a little imitating an existing shop design. Nowadays you can freely see unique design drawings on the Internet or if you have acquaintances you can also ask the designer to create a real concept about your cafe design.

Remember your target here is millennials, so make sure you make a minimalist design and are liked by millennial children today. Also add accessories, warm lighting so that the cafe atmosphere is more relaxed.

3. Branding For Your Business

Branding is a very absolute thing that you have to make, before everything is up and open, then you have to think carefully about this branding. Remember this branding is alive and will always be known by people. How would people know your cafe if your cafe didn’t have a name or branding. Look for a name or branding that is unique and easy for people to remember. Such as Coffee fun, Coffee Rexa, Coffee Millennial, Coffee Que etc. The point is to blend in with the community and especially young people, because now our marketing target is young people.

4. Tool or Machine To Manage Coffee

Choose a good and modern tool for managing coffee or you can also use the manual method like in a cafe ”. Yes, in essence, the tools you have must be adequate. You can look up different types of cofee machines on the internet or consult friends and mentors. What kind of cofee maker that can be used in cafes is a requirement that you must have.

5. Marketing Your Business

Marketing to promote our products is very important, so don’t be surprised if at the beginning you have to spend more money to increase your network and consumers through advertising and promotion. You can advertise for example through newspapers, magazines, stickers, browsers, radio or more practical and modern today through the Internet and social media. Don’t forget to create a fan fage for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and a website so that consumers get closer to your product.

6. Create a Unique Menu List

Well, at this point you have to make your business menu. What cofee menus are there in your cafe? This menu is of course created when you make a recipe and then publish a menu. Don’t let customers come to your cafe and they are confused about what menu to order? At least you have 5 to 10 special menus.

7. Taste and Value Plus

Taste is the main of in you. That means you have to add more flavor than others. Because people will judge the product from taste and presentation. In addition, you can serve unique coffee like a picture or you can also req with writing, etc.

That was how to start a Coffee Shop business to be successful, hopefully by reading our article this can provide you with a reference on how to start a Coffee Shop business so that it is successful and can open many branches.