5 Damaging Effects of Alcohol on Academic Performance

Alcohol consumption by students has some serious health issues it causes within the brain which in turn affects their performance in school.

Users on UK.collected.reviews note that this is one of the reasons why 21 is the stipulated and warranted age for alcohol consumption. Unwarranted alcohol consumption has been the source of so many health issues associated with students today. It creates a massive effect on the academic and social performance of students in general especially when taken excessively.

Today, many online sites in the UK that sell alcoholic beverages require warrants from individuals before buying alcohol online. This policy is to help curb some of the health hazards that are generated by under aged students consuming excessive alcohol which either affects their health, academics or both.

Below is a list of some of the damaging effects of alcohol on students.

1.  It Causes Blackouts:

Students who excessively indulge in alcohol consumption often experience serious blackouts which can increase the blood alcohol level. Constantly indulging in this habit of excessive and impulsive drinking will not only cause blackouts but also distances you from engaging in school activities that have the potential to determine your academic performance.

2.  It Causes Brain Shrinkage:

Brain shrinkage arises as damage in the brain that reduces and shrinks the brain’s ability to function. Excessive alcohol intake by students can cause a cognitive impairment which will affect your academic performance. This high intake of alcohol by students has the potential to not only dither them from academic activities but also cost them their lives in several ways. Developing brain damages and shrinkage due to alcohol is a terrible hindrance to academic performance and general safety.

3.  Excessive Alcohol Intake Decreases Response to Stimuli:

Consuming high amounts of alcohol within a short period can damage some part of the brain that is responsible for comprehension. When this is affected, a student finds it equally hard to perform actions in their academics because of the challenge of perception and comprehension.

4.  Impulsive Alcohol Intake Causes Memory Lapses or Memory Loss:

When you are addicted to drinking all the time, as a student, you find it very difficult to focus or memorize class lessons required for your academics. Constantly taking in alcohol affects the brain region which is responsible for retaining information and performing cognitive tasks which are required for academic purposes.

5.  It Causes General Alcohol Dependence:

Being an impulsive drinker gradually turns one into a person who cannot function properly without alcohol. While the alcohol continues to deplete the body system, the person is stuck to constant intake as this is their only coping mechanism. It’s always a matter of time before behavioural patterns like this drag one out of their academics and education as they will begin to find it very hard to deal with due to the level of depletion alcohol intake have caused their body.

There’s a reason alcohol is not recommended for underage students. It has so many side effects that it has the potential to hamper educational growth.