The Importance of Teaching History to Your Kids

I Just Love It when I see kids who can boldly speak about their country’s history. The ability to express views on the events that helped shaped our country and do so confidently is impressive. History is fascinating, and it is necessary to understand it so that the future can become more explicit.

Benefits of Teaching History to Children

1.   It Provides Them with Identity

People relate more to themselves and others of their culture when they understand their history. It provides children with an identity—who they are, where they come from—and a purpose—what they are to achieve and how they should go about achieving it. You identify more like a British when you understand the journey your predecessors have travelled to get the country to where it is presently.

2.   It Improves Decision Making and Judgement

Thorough knowledge of history enhances a child’s ability to make decisions and lead. There have been many identical situations in the past from which present leaders and aspiring leaders of tomorrow can draw inferences when making decisions or passing judgements.

3.   It Provides Them with Models of Responsible Citizens

How should a patriot behave? What are the characteristics of a model citizen? To what length should a citizen of a country fight to protect the ideals of his fatherland? These questions are answered by studying the lives and deeds of many heroes past. One can infer, from their dedication to the success of their nation, how he or she should behave.

4.   It Helps Them Learn from the Mistakes of Their Predecessors

Not all of the heroes were perfect. Many of them made decisions that cost people’s lives or caused the country to go downhill. Mistakes of these nature are avoided when one dedicates time and energy into imparting to young kids, the leaders of tomorrow, a thorough knowledge of history and historical figures.

5.   It Helps Them to Understand Societal Change and Development

One understands better why some things, say, some cultural practices, have to be discarded. You also understand why some new ideas have to be accepted and why progress is to be the vision for the nation. Take, for instance, the issue of slavery was a widely accepted practice in the 18th to perhaps, the early 20th centuries. It was discarded because it had no place in global development and modern civilisation. Thorough knowledge of history will educate a child on the ills of such a practice.

6.   It is A Context from Which They Understand Themselves and Others

As said before, the historical affairs of a nation give its people an identity. This identity could be positive or negative, but it is from it that understanding of the culture of the country springs. You understand why some things are done, and you tolerate others of varying traditions, the more when you know the history.

If you are looking to get your kids to understand history, you can get books detailing such stories from online stores on BritainReviews. However, ensure you read reviews before buying from a store. Teaching your kids history yourself can help to bolster the love that you all share. It is a tool that can help bring a family together since you spend time together when such stories are told.