Benefits of Using Electronic Books

There is an age-old debate on whether printed books are better than digital books. Whatever the answer is, both books are useful and serve different groups of people. However, in this technology-driven age, the digitization of products and services is fast gaining ground. As such, ebooks are more preferred especially among students.

To use an ebook, you will need to get a gadget that has ebook app installed or on which you can install an ebook app. You should read useful gadgets stores reviews on BritainReviews to know the right gadget to buy and where you can find them. Here are some of the benefits of using ebooks:

Portable and accessible

Ebooks are easier to carry around for students than printed books. An ebook reader app on a phone can hold up to a thousand books, which it would be impossible to carry if it were in your bag. As a student, you benefit the most. Also, ebooks are accessible anywhere. You can always download and store it for later use. As such, you can read them anywhere you want, either you are on the bus or at home.

Some ebook apps allow you to read offline, so your data doesn’t have to be on at all times, unlike printed books which you have to wait for some time before they get delivered. Also, you can share ebooks with other people. Most ebooks have features that allow the linking and sharing of content, which is impossible with printed books.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality has enhanced the experience of reading ebooks. Images and texts are now embedded in three-dimensional visuals on the screen. With these 3D models, reading is more fun and immersive. For the reader to get the enhanced version, they only have to point the device at the text. A lot of educational organizations are using this strategy to enhance students’ experience.


Ebooks come with interactive features which makes reading more engaging. For instance, there are videos and audios you can watch or listen to if that’s what you prefer. Some even contain external links to more information. You can activate the read-aloud feature, as it allows you to listen to the books while you are engaged in other activities. Besides, this feature helps you to know more about pronunciations and eloquence. Readers can also bookmark certain pages or search for a word quickly. The multimedia features make learning unrestricted and personal.


Ebooks are friendly to the environment because there is no need for the paper printing process which not only costs a lot but also leads to deforestation. For instance, research shows that over 3 million trees are felled each year because of paper printing. With ebooks, trees are saved from being felled and the carbon footprint paper causes are reduced, which helps to enhance the sustainability of the planet.


In the long run, ebooks are affordable. A lot of people think ebooks are costly because it requires a device and internet connection, but they are not. This is because there is not so much involved in the production of ebooks. For instance, there is no need for shipping, paperback covers, packaging cost, paper printing, etc. So, you can buy two to three ebooks with the amount you would use to buy a paperback. Also,