5 Best Door Locks for New Homes

As critical access in a home, the security of the door must take precedence. It functions to prevent strangers from accessing your home. Statistics show a spiking in burglary and other crimes related to breaking in and then maybe rape or outright murders. This has prompted people to secure themselves by either the use of security cameras, motion sensors, window shutters, manned security involving guards armed with assembled AR-10 rifles, and lastly, the use of the best door locks in town, in order to secure their lives and property.

Here are five best door locks for your reference.

1. Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks can work without a key. Electronic door locks operate using a keypad or card system with an automatic locking method.

You can choose a combination door lock that combines the usual key method and card method. You can also use electronic door locks with more complete features, such as fingerprint access, mobile scanner, or remote access capability. If you are interested in using electronic door locks, Stronghold locksmiths in Kedron can help you to keep your home safe from any crime.

2. Handle set Door Lock

The next type of door lock is the handle set type. Handle set has an attractive design making it suitable as a support for the exterior appearance of the house. It is equipped with a handle on the outside and a rotary knob on the inside. Usually, these handle set door locks are fitted with a deadbolt for extra security.

3. Doorknob Door Locks

The most common lever lock for residential use is doorknob lock. This door lock is often installed in the bathroom, bedroom, and main door of the house. This knob locking mechanism is inside the door handles.

4. Mortise Door Locks

Mortise house door locks have different designs from other house locks. The outside of this lock is equipped with a key. The way to use it is to press the lever at the top of the door handle. However, it does not have a keyhole on the inside. So, all you have to do is turn the knob to lock the door automatically.

5. Deadbolt Door Lock

Deadbolt door locks have a different mechanism from the door handles, and that provides an additional layer of security. This simple door handle can act as extra home security to reduce the risk of forced entry. This door lock design has single and double cylinders.